Best Christian Dating App

So which is the best Christian Dating App? Is it on the dedicated niche dating sites like Christian Mingle or is it on generic heavy hitters such as or OkCupid?

Our team of experts went to investigate and brought us the following conclusions:

The best app for Christian singles is Christian Mingle. But the surprise is that in second and third place came the generic dating sites and not another niche site. Why? there are numerous reasons but the biggest one is that the crowd just isn’t there. And by crowd we mean both the number of Christian members that the site has and the willingness to communicate, even if it’s just responding to a wink.

#1 – The Christian Mingle App

In our opinion the Christian Mingle App is the best because it has the biggest Christian singles dating crowd. The dating app itself is slick, easy to use and fast. It offers great display on all mobile phones and tablets and has a great design.

When it comes to responsiveness and kindness, the members of are some of the nicest when it comes to online dating. Almost all members reply whether its a yes or no for meeting.

Another big factor is that the when it comes to Christian dating apps this app has an authenticated community. You get a sense of social interaction that soothes in its warmth and gives a feeling of belonging.

#2 – The App

While the App caters to anyone looking to find love, a fling, or a relationship online, it has a huge crowd of Christian members. This gives it an edge over other dating apps when it comes to Christian dating.

True, searching for the right partner isn’t as tailored as on dedicated Christian dating sites, but you can easily find singles who are Christian and who would like to meet. Members are less courteous than on niche dating sites, but the willingness to respond is still rather high and likes and winks can be made. These options although limited do provide a first glance at a future partner and often lead to actual dates.

#3 – The POF App

Hard to believe, since Plenty of Fish is so popular among almost every crowd out there, but yes, the POF App does have a big Christian members base and accessing them through the app is the best way to meet when traveling.

Communication is OK, some members of POF respond and some don’t. We believe that that’s due to the overall nature of the dating site and not related to any particular aspect of the app itself.


The best Christian dating app we could find belongs to by far. It has a friendly community feel to it, and the application itself is easy and beautiful to use.

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