eHarmony Facebook VS OkCupid Facebook

This time around we thought it would be a good idea to compare the Facebook pages of OkCupid and eHarmony. Why? because users like to be a part of a social community when using their dating app.

Our comparison checks to see the amount of engagement, popularity, shares, likes, comments, and content which these dating sites offer on their Facebook pages.

Both the eHarmony and Okcupid App users are sure to benefit form a strong social dating community. That’s why we delved into this comparison in the first place.

It’s important to note that easy access to these Facebook pages is more intuitively found via OkCupid Mobile and eHarmony Mobile rather than the dating app.

Visit OkCupid Facebook here:

OkCupid Facebook

Visit eHarmony Facebook here:

eHarmony Facebook

Remember, you need to be logged into Facebook to see all the content.

Now for the comparison.


When it comes to engagement we decided to check the following: how often is new content posted? How many people shared the content?, how many people liked the content? and how many people commented on the content?

This is what we found (Numbers are in average):

Comparison eHarmony FB OkCupid FB


312,860 64,801
Updates 2-3 a day 2-3 a month
# of


 44.4  8.5
# of


 187.6  130.7
# of


 115.4  220.2

From the figures above it’s clear to see that more people are engaged on the Facebook page of eHarmony. The only factor that is in favor of OkCupid on Facebook is the number of comments their posts receive, however this factor is depended pretty much on content quality (as will be analyzed next).

Content Quality

When it comes to content we checked for quality and type of content. Content quality referring to relevance of content and added value of content while type of content refers to the frequency and use of written content, images and photos, diagrams, and videos.

Here’s what we found:

Comparison eHarmony FB OkCupid FB
Quality Very Good Fair
Relevance High Low
Value  High  Low


 Good  OK


 High Low


Good Fair


High  Low


Good  Good


 High  Low

A more detailed look at the figures above shows that eHarmony Facebook’s content delivers:

  • Images and photos with uplifting and positive slogans, as well as success stories images.
  • Personal testimonials of users.
  • Dating advice and tips in its post content.
  • eHarmony product explanatory information.
  • Podcasts answering personal questions.
  • And relationship advice.

While OkCupid’s Facebook content delivers:

  • Company media appearances.
  • Product explanatory information.
  • Funny images and photos.
  • Historical courtship info.
  • Sexual opinions change in history.
  • Sports and dating surveys.

Still, the main difference derived from the table above is in the frequency of updated content. eHarmony has got a live and kicking Facebook community with posts every day, while OkCupid has got a dormant Facebook social community with very few content updates every month.

Also, the content relevancy of eHarmony is much higher than that of OkCupid’s. It deals with the core of dating and provides its users with more focused content which they can actually use.

Note – this might also be the reason why comments on OkCupid’s Facebook are higher, since less relevant content sometimes draws a lot of spam replies.


The clear winner here is eHarmony Facebook. It is home to an active social dating community which is engaging and likes the value which the online dating service adds to the app and site with its Facebook page.

On the other hand is OkCupid Facebook which is dormant. It is really such a shame because the site and app have so much to offer.

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