eHarmony Opens Job Seeking Site

eHarmony launched its job seeking website

Los Angeles based eHarmony is entering the job seeking market with the launch of its job seeking site ElevatedCareers. This move has been long in the making and the 15 years online dating service company is anticipating it will help them match people with the right jobs as well as take a strong foothold at a much larger market than the online dating one.

The company will help people find the right job by matching them with the work place according to personality, values, and skills. eHarmony believes that with its matching algorithm it will be able to extend its dating relationship success to the job search industry. It also claims it could prolong the average employee stay at a new job to over 10 years.

With today’s fierce competition in the online dating market primarily felt through apps such as OkCupid and Tinder, some of the company’s assets such as eHarmony Mobile and the app are feeling the pressure. But entering into the job market could tilt the odds in their favor again.

Elevated Careers will be a free service for job seekers. Users will be able to login, sign up and submit their resume for free. They will need to answer a survey about their ideal work place and how it is different from the current job they hold.

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Users who answer the survey will get a list of available jobs. They would also receive a scorecard of how much they are happy with their current employment. Matches between jobs and candidates will be made by reference of the accumulated score of everyone at an employee candidate seeking firm.

Elevated Careers is monetized based off the payment of companies who are looking to hire employees. Leading companies who have already signed up for the service are: American Airlines, AT&T, HomeAway. These companies pay for a yearly subscription to list their job openings or to get a look at the results of surveys the site conducts (Yearly subscriptions can be priced at up to $1000 for a company of 25 employees).

eHarmony believes that getting the right people to occupy the right work positions could also aid in elevating the company’s successful relationships rate which stands at an only 4% divorce rate from the over 2,000,000 marriages made through the dating site.

We at Top100DatingApps wish eHarmony all the success in the world. We will stay tuned for more developments from the company and their effect on the dating apps they own.

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