How to Prevent Ghosting on your Dating App

Almost 80% of Millennial users have been ghosted on the POF dating app, a recent survey conducted by Plenty of Fish reported. Ghosting means that a member you’ve been in contact with through the dating site or app suddenly disappears and doesn’t reply anymore to any messages.

The recent survey found that 78% of single Millennials (and users between the ages of 18-33 years old) have experienced ghosting at least once.

Now, we at Top 100 Dating Apps believe that there are ways to prevent this unsocial behavior form happening to you. While our suggestions are not fullproof and do not guarantee that ghosting will not occur, we encourage you to try them as a way to limit the possibility of the ghosting while dating phenomenon from happening to you.

Here’s our suggestions:


  • When you first get a response on a dating site or app from a member try to schedule a chat with them on a future calendar date. Then, when the scheduled date arrives see if that person makes it on time (give or take a few minutes) to get a sense of their communication ethics. If they make it on time, you’re on the right track.


  • After the initial messages are replied by you and the member, try to send a message which requires the user’s reply within a specific time frame. Example: Ask him or her to let you know what they think the outcome of the next republican or democratic elections might be (but do it on the day or night of the election – you can switch this topic with any contemporary major event taking place in the news). If they give you a reply before the end of the election, it might be a good sign that that person is interested in you and also has a high reply and commitment level in social communication.


  • Bring up the topic of ghosting. This should be done not at the beginning of your messaging, but in the early stages (even after a first date). If that person knows what ghosting is, it might be a good sign that he or she have looked up the term or have experienced it themselves (meaning that your chances to get ghosted by them is probably less). If they don’t know what ghosting means it could be a warning sign that that person is not conscious of his or hers actions and might have done it in the past. Anyways, thorough your conversation with them about ghosting you will learn a lot more about the person and get a better feel of their character.


  • Tell the member that your friend just ghosted someone on a different dating app and explain why she did it (taking the supposed it’s right to ghost side). See how he responds while all the time you keep a neutral self opinion about the subject. If he or she understands why your friend ghosted that someone, it’s a bad sign.


  • If you already exchanged phone numbers, try to text the person and check up on his responsiveness. If he or she usually responds to your messages, it might mean that their social communication skills are good and that you might be less prone to ghosting. If they reply a day later, or do not reply at all, you’re in unsure territories.

It’s important to remember that while ghosting is a rather new phenomenon, the Plenty of Fish survey didn’t find any correlation between ghosting and looking for a  serious relationship on the dating app. The survey claims that 75% of users claim that they use the app to find a meaningful relationship.

We hope these tips will help you find a more suitable social and dating experience on whichever app you use for dating.


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