iPhone 7 Review – Pros & Cons for your Dating App

The iPhone 7 is out and our review checked to see how will it affect the best iPhone dating apps that we ranked so far. Will the new and improved iPhone 7 live up to the expectations? And how will its innovations affect the use of your preferred dating app for iOS?

Pros and Cons:

Apple have been rumored to say that iPhone 7 is the strongest mobile phone they released so far, with the best camera and fastest processor available for smartphones.

Here are the specs for the iPhone 7:

  • 4.7 Inch Screen – Same as previous iPhone model – No real improvement in regards to visualization for your dating app in viewing members profiles and photos.
  • Wider Spectrum of Colors for the screen – OK, a wider color spectrum might enhance professional photos you might take but the human eye will be hard pressed to see any difference (Again, no real change here in regards to views on your app).
  • 12 Mega Pixel Camera with an F1.8 Shutter speed – This is an improvement for anyone who’s ever taken a profile picture in a semi shaded room or environment. The advanced shutter of the camera captures 50% more light and by that makes pictures taken in a dark or shaded environment much more clear for the human eye.
  • Flash Light with 4 led lights – In our opinion, most pics taken with flash tend to come out bad, therefor we don’t count it as something you would use for your profile images or photos on your app.
  • Export Images and Video in RAW format – Again this is an advanced feature for professional video editors or photographers, no real gain for a dating app user.
  • A10 Chip With Quad Processor – Elegantly put, this makes your iPhone work much faster. If you are using many apps on your mobile phone then this is an improvement as it will enable you to use many apps simultaneously and avoid crashes or stalls during usage. This processor is also 40% faster than the previous model and consumes 66% less battery life (again a big plus for continuous app usage no mater the niche).
  • IP67 Water and Dusk Resistant – Basically this means that the iPhone 7 can stay in 3 feet depth for up to half an hour and still work. To us it means that your mobile dating app stays operational during all those beverage and coffee spills it goes through.
  • Surround Speakers on top and bottom of phone – Might be a plus is you’re chatting on speakers with someone.
  • New Lightning ear phone plug – Same functionality, different name and look (No added value).
  • Home Button changed to Force Touch – No real added value.
  • iOS 10 Available from September 13th 2016 – iOS will have an improved Siri, Screen Lock upgrades, Ability to control notifications from the home screen by 3D Touch. Only the notifications part is relevant here as you will be able to control your dating app notifications in much simpler way.

Price and Availability

The Apple iPhone 7 will be available in stores from the 16th of September 2016. It will be available in the following colors:

  • Jetblack
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Gold Pink

The iPhone 7 with a 32 Giga Storage will be available at a starting price of $639.

Additional models will include the128 and 256 giga storage phones.

To Sum it Up

The best improvements in the iPhone 7 which will affect the way we use our dating apps are in the performance and speed category. The faster processor is the big difference here from previous iPhone models. It will make your dating app load faster, perform better, stay stable with other apps open, and reduce crashes dramatically.


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