iPhone SE and new iPad Pro Dating App Compatibility

Yesterday Apple revealed the new iPhone SE and the smaller iPad Pro. We got our hands on these new mobiles and inspected them in order to see how they would work with current iPhone dating apps. Here’s what we found.

iPhone SE

The new iPhone SE has a 4 inch screen making it the smallest iPhone to date. Most of the dating apps for iPhone we checked do adjust to the new resolution, however, until a compatible iPhone SE version comes out from the dating sites themselves you’d be better off browsing to the mobile website of say OkCupid or POF (for which most sites are responsive and therefore compatible).

When it comes to performance, the iPhone SE operates just as fast as the iPhone 6S. This is a sure plus since the apps load and respond in the same quickness and stability as on the iPhone 6S.

The A9 processor which the iPhone SE is equipped with makes it fast and stable. This new phone comes with an upgraded 12 mega pixel camera which allows to take panoramic pictures and have slow motion video. If ever you wanted to upgrade your dating profile this camera is a handy gadget that will allow you to do just that.

With improvements such as a flash retina front camera, support for 4K video, support for LTE at fast speed, audio upgrades, and support for fast Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi calls, the iPhone SE is sure to stay uptodate on most future dating app upgrades.

iPad Pro – 9.7 Inch Screen

The smaller iPad Pro with its 9.7 inch screen was also unveiled. This new iPad was designed for lovers of the original iPad size and has all the capabilities of the iPad Pro built into it.

The improvements for the new iPad Pro were focused on display. Improved display capabilities make for a better app user experience (allowing you to view singles profiles at bigger and clearer resolutions). The new iPad Pro comes with True Tone Display which measures the temperature of the surrounding light and adjusts the picture display accordingly. But the biggest plus is that the iPad Pro with the 9.7 inch screen is just powerful. It will run any application smoothly, even heavy gaming apps, and any professional software.

Accessories for the new iPad Pro include:

  • Smart keyboard adjusted in size to the 9.7 inch screen.
  • Apple Pencil.
  • Camera USB adapter (which allows additional devices like microphones to be added).

As with the iPhone SE the new iPad Pro is also equipped with a 12 mega pixel camera, True Tone Flash, 4K video support, and virtual reality app support.It also has a 5 mega pixel front camera.

All in all the new smaller iPad Pro comes to replace your old desktop computer. Its strong support for wireless internet make it a great mobile device to use for any dating app.

Here at Top 100 Dating Apps we believe in keeping all our iPhone users up to date on the latest mobile devices they can use. We eagerly await up and coming releases from Apple.

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