Kourtney Kardashian Now on Bumble

Kourtney Kardashian is the newest member on the Bumble App. Kourtney’s younger sister Kylie Jenner confessed that she signed up her sister to Bumble without her knowing anything.

While, surprised, initial negative responses from Kourtney were not about the sign up itself, but rather about the photos which her younger sister used to create her profile on the dating app. Kylie even went as far as to mention that Kourtney has graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts.

Kylie’s reasoning for signing Kourtney to Bumble were that dating apps are a normal thing and that on Bumble women choose which members to contact which make the app much more reliable.

We at Top100DatingApps think this is a great move on behalf of the Kardashian and wish her all the very best in finding her true soul mate.

It makes us wonder though if other dating apps such as the POF App, or the niche SingleParentMeet App have other celebrity members on their ranks?

Dating has always been about matching the right people together. Today, apps serve as a great bridge between potential romantic matches, and we hope more celebrities will join them and find the love, comfort, and trust which they are looking for.

These are fantastic and surprising news for online dating singles. And it just goes to prove that you never know who you will meet on a dating app and that your best wishes can come true.

We wish Kourtney all the luck and love in the world!

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