Match Group IPO Mobile Risks and Benefits

Match Group, the parent company of, Tinder, and Okcupid is going to an IPO (initial public offer) and hopes to raise $466.2 million dollars. The IPO will be for 33.3 million shares priced between $12 and $14 and will be traded on Nasdaq.

Match Group said that it intends to use all of the current proceeds to repay its debt to IAC/InterActiveCorp.

how will all this affect the group’s related apps?

If everything goes smoothly there will be almost no effect on the 59 million active users which include in them all the app users of,, and Tinder.

However, there might be some transitional security problems which might occur. The group admitted that they are constantly under attack by various malicious entities. The IPO could potentially harness those perpetrators efforts to hack the systems of the dating sites and expose personal and private data, including profile search history, and even payment information.

While Match Group says that it has and is constantly investing heavily in their security systems, it has also acknowledged that no system is completely safe of breaches, and also said that third party vendors (which store user data on their servers) are more susceptible to attacks and to data being stolen.

The Match Group Apps

Today mobile devices offer a high level of security when it comes to apps. The Match Group owns the App, the Okcupid App, and the Tinder app. These apps have underwent a stringent security check when they were first admitted to Google Play (for android devices) and to iTunes (for IOS devices). Each update of the app demands a new security check to be conducted in order to assure that standards are kept.

On top of all of the above comes the Match Group own system security. Which ensures easy and secure payment via your phone, and data to be stored privately on their servers.

However, since mobile phones are relatively new devices, they are targeted at a growing pace. This would also impact the number of attacks on the Match Group’s apps exposing their weaknesses and bugs which may allow for hackers to steal invaluable information.

The Match Group is the biggest provider of online dating services in the market. And although not all members use their apps most of the registered and paid members do. Hopefully no big change will take place and all the apps of the Match Group would continue to work properly.

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