What Men and Women are Looking for on Okcupid

So this time around we thought to bring you some info about what men and women are looking for on the Okcupid App. With data revealed by the Atlantic, it is interesting to see the online dating patterns of profiles and matches made between singles.

For instance it was reported that men tend to focus on emphasizing their careers on their dating profiles while women tend to emphasize their femininity and looks.

It’s amazing that in our day and age people still tend to stick to the old norm that women look for a stable and rich man while men are mostly interested in appearance and physic.

Still, keeping the above in mind will help you create a more engaging dating profile.

Men Should Focus on Their real Jobs

Whatever you do, don’t create a fake dating profile. List your occupation and be proud of it. You could expand to list courses and general interests but stay real! The top job occupations women look for are:

  • Engineer
  • Military
  • Executive

If your job is one of the above you are lucky. If not, the second most sought after positions by women are:

  • Musician
  • Lawyer
  • Artist
  • Doctor

Remember, you are who you are and your job shouldn’t be a lie. Keep it real and act real and love will follow.

Women Should Focus on their Femininity and Looks

As hard as it is to admit it, according to the studies above women do tend to focus on the things that men are after. When women on Okcupid accentuate their physic, and feminine qualities those profiles do attract more men. Whether those men are what these women are looking for is a different thing altogether.

Age Interests on Okcupid

Okcupid Women’s Age Group Interest

And how about age? What age are women on Okcupid most interested in and what age groups are men on the dating site looking at the most? Well, the stats from the Guardian show that men never really grow up, and women do.

Women age interests on Okcupid tend to stay around their own age group in their 20’s and 30’s. However, the 40’s age group and 50’s age group show interest in dating men which are even 8 years younger then they are.

Okcupid Men’s Age Group Interest

When it comes to men, they show a lot more interest in dating younger women. Basically, from ages 22 and up to 50 men on Okcupid are looking to date women aged 20 to 22 years old. Call that a misconception of one’s own self? Call it plain immature? whatever the reason is, men are more inclined to date women which are younger than they are.

Tips for Creating a Successful Okcupid App profile

Over 50% of Okcupid’s traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that people are using the dating app and mobile site more than the website itself. It makes perfect sense since mobile phones and dating on the go act as a great match.

Using the stats and info above here are some tips about creating a good and honest profile on Okcupid:

  • Make your App profile real
  • Upload an honest and good image of yourself (don’t exaggerate and upload a professional photo because users usually find those unreliable).
  • In all your photos – SMILE!
  • Be honest about your work! You should add as many professional courses and schooling that you had, including work experience, in order to diversify your profile and help users find you.
  • Women should upload feminine photos of themselves – but keep in mind what your end goal is! Do not upload provocative images since then you’ll get nothing but the hook up crowd.
  • Give a great description for your profile, try to be funny and honest.
  • Stay online and answer back – you never know what a conversation would reveal! Photos aren’t everything and many users look much better in real life.

We strongly recommend to always be real! Being honest about yourself is just the quickest way to get connected to people who are looking for the same things and who will probably like you too.

Happy dating, from the crew at Top100DatingApps.com


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