OkCupid Launches Summer of Heat Map

Introducing Summer of Heat Map, the Free Online Tool by OkCupid which is available for every single man or woman. You don;t even have to be a member of the site in order to use it! This tool asks you questions and based on a survey OkCupid conducted matches you with the city in which singles are most compatible with your personality.

Start the OkCupid Summer of Heat Map Quiz by clicking below:

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OkCupid Summer of Heat Map

This tool is a great new option to help users of the OkCupid App or OkCupid mobile to find a compatible match during this coming summer.

About Summer of Heat Map

The OkCupid Summer of Heat Map was based upon a survey the site conducted which asked 3,000,000 users questions (from different cities in the United States and Canada) about their personality, dating, attitudes towards sex, and romance. The study aimed to discover regional differences and likeliness between the answers given. In doing so, they defined cities and locations according to personality traits given by the users.

OkCupid also mentions that your gender is very important in the results you will get from the Summer of Heat Map tool.

How Does OkCupid Summer of Heat Map Work?

The Summer of Heat Map is an online questionnaire that anyone can feel out. It is both mobile friendly and desktop friendly and starts with a few simple questions about yourself. Then asks about your lifestyle preferences, then about your personality preferences, and then abut sexual preferences in a partner.

Here are a few screenshots showing the different stages of the quiz:

First stage is asking if you are a man or a woman, pretty straight forward enough, but then it gets interesting as you can see from the example screenshots below:

Questions about Lifestyle (As seen on OkCupid):

 OkCupid Summer of Heat Map Lifestyle page screenshot

Questions about personality (As seen on OkCupid):

OkCupid Summer of Heat Map personality page screenshot

Questions about sexual preference in a partner (As seen on OkCupid):

OkCupid Summer of Heat Map sexual preferences in partner page screenshot

As you can see the questions are very lively and interesting and do make a great basis for matching with another according to location.

But the really nifty thing about the OkCupid Summer of Heat Map is the way it displays your results at the end of the questionnaire. Check out this fun and beautiful presentation you get when you complete the three stages above:

Results Page Screenshot (As seen on OkCupid):

OkCupid Summer of Heat Map Results page screenshot

As Always, OkCupid are proving time and time again that they are two steps ahead of the online dating game. So we hope you try it out and remember, it’s open and available to everyone, whether they are members of the site or not, and will work on all mobile phones and tablets.


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