OurTime Facebook Page Tips for Senior Dating

Here’s a useful tip for anyone over 50 and who’s looking to date online: Use the Ourtime Facebook Page! Why? because it is one of the best Facebook pages for senior dating online.

For those registered members of OurTime who use the dating site and the OurTime App the OurTime Facebook page is a must. It is updated daily with useful posts, suggestions, and tips for seniors hopping to find love online. It’s a great source to find dating tips which can help you find your next relationship and keep it.

There are so many useful posts and insights that we thought to bring you here just a few recent examples.

How to keep a long distance relationship alive?

A great post detailing 6 strategies which Dr. Terri Orbuch recommends on how to stay together when your relationship is long distance.

Read the full post here.

The above example just shows how you can get useful information from qualified sources via the OurTime Facebook page.

Great Quotes to Boost your Spirits

The following is an example of a quote giving on the site’s Facebook page:

OurTime Facebook page quote

What we found interesting in this pick me up quote is the number of shares it received from the people who liked it – 247 shares in 12 hours! This shows that the OurTime Facebook community is alive and kicking, which allows you to meet other like minded seniors by using the OurTime Facebook page.

The OurTime Facebook Page is a True Community

Stressing the example above here’s another quote which makes it clear why there’s a true social community on the OurTime Facebook page:

OurTime Facebook page image 2

Please take a look at the number of shares this post received – 533 shares in 5 days (you can check the current number of shares here). This just reinforces the fact that many people are active and engaged on the Facebook page of OurTime. This fact makes it that much easier for men and women over 50 to start communicating with other seniors who are into dating through Facebook.

Our Tip

Plain and simple, if you are over the age of 50, and are using OurTime or not, you should definitely visit their Facebook page. It is just a must for senior dating.

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