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Cupid launches new reality show called: Real People Real Feelings. This new social media reality show can be viewed on the Cupid blog + Facebook & Twitter. Now if you are trying to determine whether your dating app provider is serious enough, then consider finding that it has launched a new reality show.

The Real People Real Feelings reality show comes as an addition to the Cupid Dating App and the dating site. Viewers get a chance to look into the lives of two couples: Kendall & Joe and Hedda & Jordan. Following their ups and downs as the show challenges them with new tasks meant to test their relationship.

Kendall & Joe

One of the show’s couples is Kendall & Joe. They are in a relationship of over a year, live with Joe’s parents, and work as farmer’s vendors in Long Island. This couple says their are madly in love and very adventurist.

Watch Kendall and Joe on their first video:

Hedda & Jordan

The second couple is Hedda and Jordan. They have been together since 2015 and do a lot of travelling. They met in Tokyo and fell in love and are creative in their work life (Jordan developing apps and board games, and Hedda being a student at Salt Lake City).

Watch Hedda and Jordan on their first video:

Learning from Others

The concept of Real People Real Feelings is simple: learn from other couples relationships. These couples have let us take an open look into their relationship and we as viewers can learn a lot about how they deal with difficulties, unforeseen problems in life, and many other challenges which test a romantic relationship.

And testing of the couple’s relationship is guaranteed. gives the couples constant challenges which are meant to test how strong their relationship is. The responses and feelings evoked are authentic and real, and we can learn a lot about how to respond, react, and overcome many hardships.

Added Value

The added value this romantic social reality show provides for the dating app users and the dating site users is enormous. This is real proof of how good the online dating service is. Why? because it gives the user answers to relationship problems, a glimpse of how dedicated and invested the online dating service is in its product, and real time communication with the show’s cast and site’s dating advice support team.

It’s also the first social dating reality show in the world (a glimpse into ingenuity of the provider).

We at Top 100 Dating Apps applaud this effort and do believe it’s a real added value to all users.

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