Are Republican Dating Apps a Spin?

Suddenly there’s a plethora of republican dating apps available on the net. From TrumpSingles to the recently launched Rep app, these apps are based on bringing close minded republicans together in the hope of finding love or a relationship.

Can it be that these dating apps are just used as a spin to boost republican votes before the upcoming elections?

Here at Top100DatingApps we thought it might be a good idea to investigate a bit further.

A Spin or not?

The first thing we checked is are these apps legitimate. Well, the answer is yes. They appear on the App Store and have been found eligible by Apple to be presented there for the public.

Second thing we checked is are they functional. The answer is another YES. These republican oriented dating apps do offer a wholesome dating platform which you can use on your mobile phone or tablet.

Are there real people using the apps or is it just made up profiles? The answer here again is YES, there are real people using the app.

So are these apps just a spin or not?

We believe that while the launch of the apps comes at a difficult time in regards to the upcoming elections, these apps can actually serve their original purpose. On the other hand, the amount of news coverage and interest these republican dating apps receive by the media does give them the stage to spark political debates focused around people and ideas of the republican party.

Many of these dating apps for republicans claim to provide a criticism free environment for their users, making it possible for republicans to find other republicans which share the same opinions. In doing so the owners of the dating app believe they are providing a opportunity for like minded single republicans to actually find love and to date online.


We believe that while these republican dating apps may be short lived (reaching their peak just before the elections), they can actually serve a niche crowd of singles who would like to date.

We do not think that these apps will at the end of the day sway any floating votes to the republican party and Donald Trump. People who are democratic in their opinions will likely stay clear of these dating apps and would not sign up or register. The majority of republicans who would sign up would vote for Trump anyways, so no true value there either.

Such dating apps as these for republicans are not a spin in our opinion. They serve more as an attention grabber and capture some airtime in the news and media. However, they can serve a single republican if she or he is looking to date until this election is behind us.

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