Rio Olympics: Athletes Surge in Tinder Use

The Olympics in Rio in 2016 are full of Olympic athletes which are using the popular dating app by Tinder. If you were ever curious if you could find international top names on a popular hook up app, then there’s no point in guessing which dating app the Olympic athletes in Rio prefer. Other dating and hookup apps like Grindr and Hinge aren’t used as much by the athletes.

Olympic athletes have been updating their profile pictures on Tinder (some exposing more flesh than others), and refreshing their opening lines to “Looking for fun in Rio!” or “Got plenty of time to kill,”.

Flings between Olympic athletes have always been a part of history. The stress of the competition and the gathering of so many top shape men and women in one place have been a catalyst for sexual tension. This time around dating apps have just made meeting other athletes much easier than before.

Rosette Pambakian Tinder’s spokeswoman has shed some light on the increase in app usage: She said that over the last weekend a surge of 129% in matches between athletes in the Olympic village in Rio de Janeiro has been recorded.

Which Athletes are Using the App?

So which of the Olympic athletes are using Tinder? Here’s what we know so far: The Judoka Marcus Nyman (from Sweden) has come forth and admitted that he has been using the dating app and has received 10 matches on his first day in Rio. Nayman is 25 years old and competing in the men’s 90-kilogram division.

He has been quoted saying that “A lot of the athletes here are using this app,”.

Yemi Apithy, a fencer from France has also admitted to use the app. He has been quoted saying that he is using the app:

“just for distraction.”

And that:

“We meet people from a lot of nationalities,”

And has he been successful:

“For sure,” “I am a pretty boy.” AP

Olympic Village is Charged and Ready

So what are the signs on the grounds for backing up the athletes sexual behavior? Well, 450,000 condoms have been distributed or kept for athletes in the Olympic village in Rio so far. The participating countries’ committees haven’t told their athletes not to use Tinder and are not concerned about their athletes personal life or behavior.

And where are the fans?

While Olympic athletes are primarily focused on meeting other athletes in Rio, fans and people visiting the Olympic Games in Rio also have access to the dating app and are also on the lookout for a hookup going their way.

Can fans actually hookup with Olympic athletes while staying in Rio? That is a question left only for the app to answer.

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