Safety Tips for your Dating App

Dating apps are a great way to meet online and start dating. However, in today’s online dating world there are many risks involved when contacting another member on a dating app. That’s why we’re bringing you these dating safety tips which will help you minimize fraudulent dates online.

Whether you are using a well known mobile site, or an app such as the one offered by OkCupid Mobile, POF, SingleParentMeet, or Mingle2, (and in any dating niche out there), you should be aware that sometimes people do tend to abuse them. Abusive behavior may involve trying to take your money, or meet with you for other abusive reasons which may be hurtful.

This is why you must adhere to a few online app dating safety tips and behaviors in order to minimize the risk of getting hurt.

How to Watch Out for Fraud or Scams

Here we list the most common fraudulent and scam behavior found on a dating app or website:

  • Asking for money – members who practice fraud or are conducting a scam will often ask you for money at one time or another. When you are contacted by a member, or are in communication with a member for a while, and he or she asks you for money, do not oblige! Cover stories of this scam often include medical conditions or financial difficulties which require a sum of money which the person in question doesn’t have. No matter what the story is, remember that this is a dating service platform with the sole purpose of meeting, and not in any way serves as a way to support someone financially.
  • Wire Transfer – Never send out a wire transfer to anyone you meet through a dating app. Wire transfers cannot be traced or refunded, so your money will be lost.
  • Credit card or Bank Account numbers – for no reason should you ever give out personal financial credit card or bank account details to anyone through the app or website. This information can be used to make payments in your name and not for anything you wish to purchase.
  • Personal information – Do not give away any personal information such as your Social Security Number, Address, or phone number. If a member on a dating site or app asks for these, in any obscure or logical way, do not reply. Giving your phone number after you’ve met for a few times is a choice which must be left to you.

Suspicious Activity Warning Signs

There are many warning signs which should trigger your awareness as to suspicious behavior by a member on the app or site. We’ve gathered a few examples here for you:

  • A person who is listed as being from your country, but when you talk to them explains that he or she is currently traveling a lot and is not situated in your country.
  • Uses bad written language (numerous grammar and spelling mistakes).
  • Mentions fate and destiny a lot in  your communications.
  • Has numerous profiles on the same app or website.
  • Will try to ask you for personal info in order to send you gifts.
  • Requests to communicate on an external email or chat service and not on the app.

Offline Safety Tips for First Dates

It’s important to stay safe, especially when meeting for the first time. Here are a few safety tips to help you on your first date:

  • Meet at a public place.
  • Inform a friend or family member of your plans for the evening.
  • Take your mobile phone with you.
  • Never take a ride with a member of the dating site or app on your first date.
  • Keep your personal items with you at all times.
  • Don’t get wasted or drink to access.
  • Use your mobile to send a friend a message during the date and have your companion see it. Let him or her know that you are just letting your friend or family know how things are going.

The online dating world is expanding at an incredible rate. People meet online via social networks, dating apps, and other meeting services all the time. While the majority of online dates turn out perfectly fine, we at Top100DatingApps think it is best to use the above safety tips whenever you meet a person you don’t know.

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