SeniorPeopleMeet App Testimonials

We thought it would be a good idea to provide you with the latest SeniorPeopleMeet app testimonials. Why? because many users of various senior dating apps pay these testimonials a lot of attention. The following testimonials taken from iTunes and Google Play serve as a major decision maker in whether or not people download the dating app or not, that’s why we bring you this overview to shed some light on the testimonials and give them a score.

Here are our findings of what people are thinking about SeniorPeopleMeet and what they chose to share with us as users of the app.

SeniorPeopleMeet App Testimonials Overview and Score

Let’s see what people are saying about the app over at iTunes. Here are screenshots of the testimonials:

Senior people meet app testimonials 1

Senior people meet app testimonials 2

Senior people meet app testimonials 3

So the visible iTunes testimonials are 3 in number and range the gamut between very satisfied and completely disappointed. Needless to say that this is very limited information and no conclusion can be deducted from it. So we turned to Google Play.

Here are screenshots of the testimonials we found on Google Play:

Seniorpeoplemeet app testimonials screenshot from Google Play 1

Seniorpeoplemeet app testimonials screenshot from Google Play 2

Seniorpeoplemeet app testimonials screenshot from Google Play 3

So, overall we found a total of 1,016 customer testimonials on Google Play about the app. This is a much wider range of people who were willing to share their opinion about this app with us and so a conclusion could be made. However, Google Play makes it so easy for the user because is summarizes all the testimonials and the scores they give the app at the top of the testimonials section (see image from Google Play below):

Senior People Meet testimonials score overview

From the stats above we can see that over a half of the people using this senior dating app gave it the highest score, 599 people gave the Senior People Meet App a score of 5 stars. Then 179 people gave it the score of 4 stars. 116 people scored with 3 stars, and only 122 (about 10% of all of the testimonials) gave it a score of lower than 3 stars.

The stats above can give us a strong indication that the majority of people using the app are very happy with it. Their testimonials highlight various aspects of the app they like from find an easy match between people over 50, to the many communication features which users like.

It’s sad to see that the iTunes version of the app doesn’t highlight the testimonials section more. We strongly believe that user interaction and sharing of information is a key element in social apps such as these.

It’s important to remember that some testimonials can be generated by the dating site itself and are fraudulent. However, since Google Play has over 1,000 testimonials and rankings in it’s database we can assume that the proportion of fake testimonials are low.

Our Score

Based on the above information we gathered we can say that people who are using the Android version of the app are very happy. We cannot say the same about the iPhone version.

We give the Google Play app testimonial a total score of: 5 out of 5 in reliability.

We give the iTunes app testimonials s total score of: 2 out of 5 in reliability.

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