Tinder New Share Button Turns Users to Matchmakers

The popular dating app Tinder is currently testing out a new recommend to a friend button (available only to some users during testing). This new Tinder feature allows users to act as matchmakers and send their friends the profiles of members they believe can be a match for them.

The New Tinder Share Button (As seen on Tinder):

Tinder new share button

The new share with friend button will allow Tinder users, who believe that the profile they just viewed might not be the right one for them, to send the member’s profile they viewed to the friend they believe would be a perfect match.

The share button would deliver the recommended profile you sent to your friend via a text message. Once that message is received and clicked on the profile of the shared member will be instantly opened on your friend’s mobile phone or tablet (if that user is logged in at the time).

Advanced Safety for the Tinder Matchmakers test

Since Tinder is aware that many users can exploit this new feature, it is making the new share with friend button work in the following way:

  • All profiles sent via the share button are valid for 72 hours.
  • Each text sent is limited to 5 clicks (or the above 72 hours).

Tinder is taking these precautions in order to limit the number of spam and derogatory or sexist use if the new feature. The dating company may add additional limitations to the share option if it believes that shaming or abusive use is being exercised.

Users who do not wish their profile to be linked to via text message have the option to block their profile through the application’s settings.

The new share button by Tinder (if successful during testing) is supposed to add an extra layer of seriousness to the dating app. By allowing its members to become matchmakers on their app a new level of trust is hoped to be established; and with it a better dating experience.

We at Top 100 Dating Apps believe this is a welcomed step in the right direction for Tinder. We do hope the new share button test, which is currently running, will prove to deliver the goods.


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