Where to Meet Single Parents Via your Dating App

4 Great Places to Meet Single Parents through your App

Single parents can hardly ever find enough spare time to actually meet someone. That’s why we though it would be good to give you some ideas about convenient places to meet other single parents through your dating app.

After you have chatted enough, messaged enough, and actually got to like the person you’ve met on your dating app, it’s time to schedule a first date, or meeting. Here are some suggestions which we are sure would save you time, and suit your safety guidelines when meeting a person you never met before. Whether you are using a dedicated single parents app such as SingleParentMeet or are using a general singles app such as POF the following meeting places are for you:

The Gym

If you are already a member of a local Gym in your town it might be a great place to meet that single parent you met on the app. Think about it, if exercise is important for you in your life, and you are looking for someone in your area which shares the same outlook on life, then there is a chance that he or she is using a Gym in your area too, maybe even the same Gym you are a member of. Asking that person to meet you at the Gym would fit your meeting into your regular daily schedule and offer a known and safe location to meet at. If that person isn’t a member of your Gym you can always ask for an introductory visit for him or her to offer access to the premises.

Plus the Gym is a good option for meeting one on one without the kids.

A free Outdoor Show or Concert

If you are living in a big city or metropolis free concerts and shows are available throughout most days of the year. Usually these shows or concerts take place at a well known City Park or open area. They offer a great venue to meet with the kids, have some fun, and be at a safe and monitored location.

If there’s no chemistry when meeting that single parent you contacted on the dating app, then the show, concert and Park are still very welcoming and you can continue with your planned activities without disruption.

Shopping for Groceries Together

It’s not funny at all, think about it, the grocery store, or food market, is a great place to meet someone and to get to know more about them. It is a safe location, you can get a sense of that person’s eating habits and health awareness, maybe even a sense of his financial status, and most importantly have tons of topics to start a conversation (from food, to cleaning, to chores, to children’s favorite foods, to deals etc…).

Yes, the grocery store is a perfect place to meet that single parent you were communicating with on the online app. If he or she is in your area, it would just make sense and fit comfortably into both your schedules.


The Gymboree presents a great way to both meet the single parent you have met online and his or her kids. True, if your kids aren’t old enough you would have less time to spend talking and looking at the person you met, and more time looking after your kids, but usually, the Gymboree is a good place for a first date meeting with a single parent. It will fit into both your schedules, and your budget, and will give you both a good sense of how the other dad or mom treats their kids.

It will also give you a first glimpse into how well both of your children get along together. A very important issue when regarding single parents.


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